This isn’t your average daily planner—it will help you prioritize tasks, weed out busy work, track longterm goals.

It isn't a story about a business, a notebook or even a planner.

It's a story about a friendship, a collaboration, loving the "gorgeous chaos", and helping thousands of people to savor life. 

It all started when Angela, a concert pianist was performing on stage and broke out into hives from an allergic reaction to a lotion. Inspired to create a luxurious cream that was organic, she began mixing lotions and potions in her Manhattan kitchen. After 1000 tries, she began selling the creams to her friends and became a successful “accidental entrepreneur.”

When people began asking her how she accomplished this, she showed them the early version of her daily action plan that she had used since she was a child learning piano. 

In 2012, she met Sara, a glamorous tree-hugging notebook-making entrepreneur from Colorado, and they became instant friends. They bonded over childhood piano stories, their mischievous children, good food and wine - and all of the “gorgeous chaos” in their lives. 

One day, at the end of a three-hour phone session, Sara said, “Why not take some of this ‘gorgeous chaos’ in your head and turn it into a beautifully-designed project so you can share it with the world?"

The rest is history. Today, they’ve created and designed the Daily Action Planner, which the first success planner that revolves around savoring successes. And now, people from all over the world are organizing their “gorgeous chaos”, turning dreams into reality, and having fun, capturing the same spirit upon which the products were created.

Their latest project is Savor Life magazine with guided worksheets that features the Savor community of creators and makers. 

The Daily Action Planner is hands-down the tool that has made the biggest difference in my business. Before using it, I was a scattered mess and was easily distracted. It has anchored me in a powerful way; I love the “seeds and weeds” system, which keeps me moving forward daily.
— Rosemary Camposano, Founder of HALO Blow Dry Bar (San Francisco, CA)